Interactive Suction Cup
Interactive Suction Cup
Interactive Suction Cup
Interactive Suction Cup
Interactive Suction Cup

Interactive Suction Cup

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You may have noticed that dogs love to play tug of war. The act of biting down on something and tugging at it is just a healthy display of their predatory nature. Interactive Suction Cup Pet Toy was designed with that in mind.

The unique design features a soft, rubber ball on one end and a strong suction cup on the other. So, you can easily attach it to any flat surface like a wall, side of a cabinet, or the floor. You can also place a few of these around the house in households with multiple pets. It is the perfect indoor pet toy for people living in apartments.

The beauty of this toy is that it allows dogs to play all by themselves! Perfect for busy pet parents, who want to keep their doggies busy while they’re doing chores or running errands.

It’s the kind of toy every pup parent needs to have.

  • Chewable. Pick your pup's favorite color and treat them especially nice with a new toy.
  • Extra-strong suction. The suction cup sticks to the floor, wall, or any smooth surface. When your dog grabs their toy and pulls, it won’t let go.
  • Cleans teeth. This is pretty cool. The chew toy actually cleans your dog’s teeth as they gnaw on it. Like a dentist visit, only they won’t even know it.
  • Ultra-durable. It won’t break, snap, or unravel no matter how hard your dog pulls on it or how sharp their teeth are. We made this to last.
  • Non-toxic. There’s nothing in here that can hurt your fur baby. No toxins, chemicals, or anything else you wouldn’t want.

It’s, flexible, interactive, and stops your pet from getting bored.

If you’re home, you can grab the suction end and your dog can grab the toy end, and you can play tug of war till you both fall down exhausted.

When you’re not home, secure the suction cup and your dog can play all on their own. It stops them from getting bored when you’re not there and keeps them happy.

Order this Interactive Suction Cup Pet Toy today!

We love our furry friends just as much as they love us. Now it’s time to show it.